Second International Congress of Silviculture


On the 100th anniversary of the foundation of National Forest Institute, the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences, together with the Italian State Forest Service and the Tuscany Region, organized the Second International Congress of Silviculture which was held in Florence on November 26–29, 2014.
In this historical period the use of forest resources and consequently silviculture, are acquiring a growing importance in the economy of individual countries, with environmental effects that have an impact on a global scale.
The Congress was aimed to promote an effective exchange of ideas and experience between all those who, at different levels, deal with silviculture and forest management.
The Congress was organized into eight thematic sessions and two round tables.

The Congress had the following objectives:
– Provide an opportunity to expose a view of the forest situation at the global level, in order to analyze trends, to encourage government agencies, support research institutions, affect the associations that work in the timber industry and the business world;
– Bring together the knowledge and the related ethical values ​​in order to guide the definition and implementation of policies favorable to the forestry sector;
– Highlighting scientific innovation and help national and international research organizations to promote planning studies to be implemented in the near future;
– Promoting the development of a forest clear language, the interactive transmission of forestry literature and new methods in the field of research;
– Cooperate with the scholars of the countries represented for the dissemination of the results and to facilitate any collaborations.


2015 –  Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Silviculture. Designing the future of the forestry sector.  Florence, 26-29 novembre 2014. Edited by Orazio Ciancio



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