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Fresh Life Project

logo-fresh-lifeThe LIFE project FRESh Demonstrating Remote Sensing integration in sustainable forest management started the 7th of September 2015 and had a 4 years duration.
FRESh LIFE was aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of the integration of data collected from forest inventories with remotely sensed information to operatively support the implementation of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) practices.
It contributes to derive harmonized information from data collected in the field by providing an ecologically sound context to frame SFM indicators and interpret their temporal trends over time. The project was leaded by the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences.

November 13th, 2019 – we had the Final Event of FRESh LIFE project organized in Palermo in collaboration with the XII SISEF National Congress.

All partners attended the event, sharing results and suggestions with five presentation that you can download from our site (go to the download page).

During the session we focused on the potential of the Forest Information System in helping the management of the demonstration sites: Toni Ventre explained the situation in Rincine while managers from Caprarola and Bosco Pennataro presented some posters with results achieved in these two areas.

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Pilot study on the use of National Forest Inventories to downscale European forest diversity spatial information in five test areas, covering different geo-physical and geo-botanical conditions –  (Commissioning Institute: European Commission – Joint Research Centre)